Are you unhappy at your job or feeling disconnected in a relationship? Are you experiencing deep unwavering feelings of sadness or do you lose sleep over excessive worry? Do you find yourself drinking more than you would like to be? Do you have a history of trauma in your past? I am here to assist you in uncovering a life where you can feel secure, supported, self confident, successful, joyous and free.

I work closely with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety and symptoms from previous trauma by guiding clients towards more effective coping skills and helping them to build natural support networks in their lives. The process helps to amplify personal strengths as a way of reacquainting clients with the intelligence of their bodies, minds and spirits. I have extensive experience with clients exploring their relationship to drugs and alcohol. I will support you in your exploration whether its an abstinence based approach like the twelve steps or a harm reduction model. The point is for you to find what works best for you.

I am passionate about self-esteem building, empowerment and counter- shaming women. And I also love to partner with clients who simply are not satisfied with life as they currently live it. I will encourage, coach and invigorate your process as you pursue changes in your life. My work is influenced by client centered approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused and psychodynamic techniques. I have a gift for gently meeting my clients where they are by holding a non-judgmental and compassionate stance in each session. While working with me you are encouraged to drive and pace the session. In addition there will be times when I adopt a more directive approach if I see that it will be to your benefit. I look forward to holding space for your healing and transformation.