Allegra Lucas, Diversity Trainer in SF

Diversity and Inclusion in communities, organizations and corporations are fundamental elements in the success and sustainability of any collaborative entity. Cultivating an environment that supports diversity, non- violence and equality requires intentionality followed by action. My trainings are both educational and interactive. I introduce useful language and concepts that can assist in cross- cultural communication. In addition I facilitate embodied interpersonal exercises that illuminate areas where we can increase curiosity and awareness.  Half day and full day trainings available.

Allegra Lucas has led annual trainings on Diversity & Inclusion for our nonprofit staff for years. She has also led a visioning training on Power and Equity for our board of directors and leadership team.

Allegra brings a wealth of personal and professional experience into her thoughtful and engaging trainings. She provides a deep dive into supporting participants in experiencing aspects of diversity, power, privilege and oppression from the inside out. Her methodology is dynamic, engaging and well attuned to her audience.
— Sarwang Parikh, Seeds of Awareness